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In the database below you can search in the database of document descriptions. It should be noted that the document descriptions are in Modern Dutch spelling and not in Old Dutch: ‘rekest’ and not ‘request’, for instance. The database also includes the ‘resolution date’. This may be a different date then the date of the document itself. The ‘resolution date’ refers to the date of the meeting of the Supreme Government, and the date of the General Resolutions of Batavia Castle. See Resolutions.

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Archive Reference Document Date Description
file 1200, folio 283-294 Jul. 9, 1720 Resolution Date: Jul. 16, 1720
file 948, folios 10-21, 6-9
Title: Bericht van onderkoopman Hendrik Verburg namens de residenten van Palembang over de overgave van het rijk door Sulthan Ratoe aan Pangeran de Pattij Mancaboemi
Document type: Bericht
European names: Zwaardecroon, Henric; Verburg, Hendrik
Asian names: Sulthan Ratoe; Pangeran de Pattij Mancaboemi; Sultan Anum
Place names: Palembang
Notes: adressed to: Henric Zwaardecroon; signed by: Hendrik Verburg;
file 1200, folio 295-296 Jun. 5, 1720 Resolution Date: Jul. 16, 1720
file 948, folios 10-21, 6-9
Title: Extract een brief door de residenten Pieter Srekteloot en Nicholaas Jan de Beverz tot Palembang aan de Edele Gouverneur Generaal ende Rade van Indien tot Batavia over de overgave van het rijk door Sultan Ratoe aan Sultan Anum
Document type: Extract
European names: Srekteloot, Pieter; Beverz, Nicholaas Jan de; Hendrikz
Asian names: Jutje Galis; Sulthan Ratoe; Sultan Anum
Place names: Batavia; Palembang