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In the database below you can search in the database of document descriptions. It should be noted that the document descriptions are in Modern Dutch spelling and not in Old Dutch: ‘rekest’ and not ‘request’, for instance. The database also includes the ‘resolution date’. This may be a different date then the date of the document itself. The ‘resolution date’ refers to the date of the meeting of the Supreme Government, and the date of the General Resolutions of Batavia Castle. See Resolutions.

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Archive Reference Document Date Description
file 1196, folio 287-289 Feb. 20, 1686 Resolution Date: Apr. 20, 1686
file 900, folios 175-179
Title: Extract resolutie(s) missive van de Politieke Raad van Colombo inzake de gagie van de gezant Van Mierop.
Document type: Extract resolutie(s)
Place names: Colombo; Mierop
file 1196, folio 683-684 May. 17, 1686 Resolution Date: Jul. 30, 1686
file 900, folios 342-348
Title: Extract resolutie(s) uit de aparte Colombose negotieboeken.
Document type: Extract resolutie(s)
European names: Duijn, Cornelis van der; Marrijn; Halda, Jan d'n; Wendk
Place names: Colombo; Ceylon; India; Batavia; Pallicatta; Nagapatnam
file 1199, folio 139-139 Resolution Date: Apr. 16, 1720
Title: Rekest den Gouverneur Generaal Henric Zwaar de Croon om de soldaat Gerardus Lindebom naar Coromandel, Bengalen of Japan te sturen
Document type: Rekest
European names: Zwaardecroon, Henric; Lindeborn, Gerardus
Place names: Colombo; Bengalen; Coromandel; Japan
Notes: written by: G. Lindeborn; adressed to: Henric Zwaar de Croon, Gouverneur Generaal ;
file 1200, folio 175-178 Jul. 5, 1720 Resolution Date: Jul. 9, 1720
Title: Rekest van Capitein Frederick Sweet om zich in Ceylon als vrijburger te mogen situeren
Document type: Rekest
Ship names: Caneel
European names: Sweet, Frederick; Zwaardecroon, Henric
Place names: Ceylon; Colombo
Notes: adressed to: Henric Zwaardecroon; signed by: Frederick Sweet ;